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Estate of Affairs

We do it all for you!

Country Estate Sales

Estate of Affairs

Count on Estate of Affairs to diligently work for you. Whether it be from tractors to tack we will utilize our extensive resources and knowledge to get you the compensation you deserve. 
EOA is experienced and familiar with selling the farm. Heck, we are not even afraid to get down and dirty. We are well versed in antique tools, blacksmith tools, sharpening stones, trolleys, tractors, implements, bells, household furniture, home decor, heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, ATVs, chemicals, saddles, tack, livestock and dairy supplies, long handled tools, hand tools, power tools, plants, yard decor, windmills, water pumps, signs, etc.
- If it is in the country, rest assured we have you covered -  
Below are a few examples of what Estate of Affairs has offered for sale during our country events 

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