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To whom it may concern, 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience with an unlikely decision to have an estate sale as opposed to my plan to simply have a garage sale. Our home of 17 years was filled with normal stuff. There are no collectibles, no antiques or anything of any great value. Oh sure sentimental value but mostly well used department store fare suitable for garage sale. After putting the house up for sale our life became filled with the usual stress of home sales. However at our age dealing with so many of these stresses the big garage sale was becoming more work than we could handle. I contacted and was contacted by 12 Estate sales companies offering to hold my Estate Sale. I had not a clue what these people actually do, let alone be able to choose a vendor from the 12. So the wife and I selected Estates of Affairs from Modesto Ca simply because we both felt comfortable with Mr. James Souza as a person, not really knowing what he does or how well he does it. Mr. Souza warned us that he takes preparation of the sale very seriously and would be back in the next week or so to begin staging our home, whatever the heck that means. Mr. Souza returned with a team of nice people that turned our home into a department store of sorts. They cleaned every room of our home, then tagged most ever item for sale from TVs and couches to knives and forks! It was a bit bizarre to say the least, they were putting in so much effort with our stuff. However, James and team were in our home making this process almost fun. Fun? Well actually yes, they were super nice people that actually became our friends before the sale ever even started. Now there were some awkward moments when they pulled out furniture and began cleaning our years of dust and grime. As the sale grew closer we began to learn that this was a true family operation. James and his team all worked so hard it was impressive. So up to this point just before the sale I was completely happy and satisfied with their unusual efforts in “staging” our home. I felt as though the Estate Sale was a success simply because my house was now so clean an organized. As for the upcoming sale day my financial expectations were very low because our stuff was very close to being thrown away and James took the sale on very short notice; two weeks leaving no real time for advertising. However James told me about their “followers” that come to all their sales. Sure enough on the day of the sale there was a line of people waiting down our driveway two hours before the sale even started. WOW! My remote Oakdale neighborhood was full of cars and people. It was nothing short of amazing. James and his team were so professional and I would call the entire event dignified from my perspective. After the sale was over I was left with an empty house and the sight of James and his team cleaning and vacuuming my entire home! It was embarrassing I asked him to stop, but he said it’s all part of his package! Well as far as we were concerned the sale was a major success and I had not the slightest clue how much cash we made nor did I care, my junk was gone and my house was clean win, win! James told me that he would tally the sales slips (They keep a record of every sale) and bring me a cashiers check on Monday. Monday, James hands me a check that made me hit the floor, then I hit the wall, then I rolled around on the floor…. I was astounded. If you think this letter is one of those fake stories you may contact me at I would be more than happy help you decide who you want handle your Estate Sale. James and team thank you for your service. 


Keith Dailey

Customer Experience

Thank You 209!!

Thank you so much for nominating and voting Estate of Affairs Best of 209 for 2021. Being recognized by our community as Gold in this category is a great honor. We would like to thank our clients, customers, and staff. As well, the professional community including all the realtors, accountants, and attorneys that we diligently collaborate with. We genuinely feel humbled by our local community's generosity and continued support. 

Thank you from all of us at EOA.


James Souza


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